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Pomegranates, Curry & Rice Pudding

7 December 2006


Well, I've been off in colder climes, doing various things. So here's a cheaterly sort of post - I'm going to just put up a list of some of the recipes I've posted lately over at The Kitchen, just to prove my industry.

While you're there, check out everyone else's posts too, of course. Grant just posted a recipe for White Bean Dip with Truffle Oil and I want some like, right now.


Spiced Pomegranate Meringues - Festive, beautiful and unusual.
Chicken Thighs in Balsamic Vinegar - This is my friend and former roommate Patty's signature dish. Tender chicken thighs rich in a sauce of balsamic vinegar and wine.
Lemon Rice Pudding - This is a Laurie Colwin recipe. Rich, thick, and melting with lemon. If you like rice pudding, run don't walk.
Slow-Cooked Pork Roast, Two Ways - A CrockPot? It cooks without any help at all. It might do the dishes if you ask nicely.
Scallops with Lime and Cilantro - Way too easy.
Dark Chocolate Cake - It's a Hershey's recipe, but this one-bowl cake is still the best cakey chocolate cake I know. Not fudgy or flourless, works great for German chocolate.
Stir-Fried Green Beans - My new favorite thing is Chinese five-spice powder.
Malaysian Beef Curry - There are some really helpful comments on this post from readers who are more knowledgeable about Malaysian curry than I am.
Smashed Lentils with Egg - Baked egg in spicy lentils. Good for breakfast, lunch and supper.
Honey Pumpkin Creme Brulee - If you still have some pumpkin sitting around, try this.
Peanut Butter Popcorn - Peanut butter, honey, popcorn. Easy and too good.

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