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My Ultimate Banana Bread

29 August 2006

My ultimate banana bread.

On Good Blogging and Coconut Bread

27 June 2006

I muse a bit about weblogging and show off bakingsheet's recipe for coconut bread, a moist, delicious quick bread infused with all the goodness that is fresh ground cinnamon.

An extravagantly fruity, spicy, creamy cake of a muffin

4 June 2006

A fruity, delicious little muffin with a yellow, creamy center and a finish like key lime pie, inspired by Mahanandi's strawberry muffins and the urge to bake extravagant comfort food after a distracting week.

Easter Brunch: Braised Polish Sausage

17 April 2006

In which I make sausage for Easter, and I learn to like it. Sausage, that is. I already like Easter a lot.

What to do with leftover chocolate (if you ever have such a problem): Banana Chocolate Muffins

7 March 2006

Banana and chocolate muffins. Recipe included!

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