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Pretty in Pink: Beet & Goat Cheese Ravioli

27 July 2006

Hot, hot pink. Creamy goat cheese and soft ricotta. Butter and tiny crunchy poppy seeds.

Red & Green: Pasta with Fresh Pesto and Roasted Peppers

13 June 2006

Little wheels of pasta, ridged and delicate, tumbled with homemade pesto and red peppers roasted and simmered in balsamic vinegar. Good for a side or a main - good warm or cold - good at any time, really.

Deceptively healthy & economic: Spinach Soup

6 June 2006

Spinach, onions, garlic, the dregs of a bottle of wine. Spinach soup, a flexible healthy dinner for one.

The Spice is Right: Cumin & chickpeas for one

14 April 2006

Cumin, a very old spice. They found it in the pyramids, y'know. Weird to think that I like eating something that a pharoah ate. Kind of creepy. But it's awfully good with chickpeas.

Green, green: Leeks and fettucine

10 April 2006

Leeks put in yet another appearance - their second in the life of this young weblog. I do love leeks, especially when they're homegrown and bought at the oh-so-trendy community market.

IMBB 24: Flash in the pan fish

22 March 2006

Colorful, crunchy salad. A toothsome walnut cake. Crispy fish with salty capers. In 30 minutes or less.

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