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Sloppy delicious dumplings for one

March 08, 2006

As Exhibit A in cooking for one I present you with: Pork and Leek Dumplings with a Side of Pear Chiffonade, a well-balanced meal for one.


In actual fact, I walked in the door hungry and exhausted tonight, feeling like my head was pounded somewhere into the same plane as my knees and my shoulders with it. What that convoluted sentence meant to say is that I was beat and could hardly drag myself to the kitchen.

Dumplings to the rescue! The only recipe you need for these silky, savory, fragrant darlings is this: Go to your closest Asian grocery. Find the frozen section. Pick out a bag of frozen dumplings that looks good to you. I happen to like anything involving leeks. Buy them. Boil and eat. Hopefully you accomplish all but the last step before you come home tired, cranky, and hungry.

The extent of any actual cooking here is that I mixed a splash of hoisin sauce with soy sauce in my bowl while I waited the five minutes for these little beauties to boil. That's it! I didn't even clean up the bowl for the picture. My only regret is that I finished off the bag and I need to now repeat the more challenging steps of this particular recipe. But it hasn't failed me yet.

Posted by Faith at 8 March 2006

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