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Birthday Cake 2005

January 09, 2005


I made myself a birthday cake last night.

I was cooking for tonight's homegroup, and I wanted to try one of Maida Heatter's recipes. This turned out pretty well, in spite of my oven's unfortunate tendency to bake really, really fast. I tweaked Heatter's chocolate layer cake recipe a little bit (her chocolate layer cake is actually four layers of rich butter cake with a ganache-like chocolate frosting). I added a simple raspberry filling between two of the layers, and put fresh raspberries and whipped cream on when I served it. This is my favorite kind of cake: good old-fashioned yellow layers with fudgy icing.

I stayed up way too late making meatballs and prepping for Thai-ish noodles, too; sometimes I go into this wandering state where I experiment with things I never would try except at three in the morning. (Trying to make spice paste in my blender, instead of in a food processor, for example. Non-successful.)


By the time I finally went to bed my kitchen was in a shambles. That picture actually doesn't do it justice; you really have to feel the floor sticking to your feet.

But what better way to spend the Friday night of your birthday weekend than cooking for some of the people you enjoy most? I am twenty-six today, and I hope to mark the day by fully appreciating and celebrating the people who put up with me and give me love.

Posted by Faith at 9 January 2005

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