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On Seasonality & Asparagus (With an Egg)

15 October 2006

An easy, delicious meal for one: some roasted asparagus with Parmesan, the best fried egg known to man, and some tomato slices.

Recipe Review: The Minimalist's Mongolian Lamb

2 October 2006

Wonderful make ahead dinner with deliciously seared bits of lamb and cumin - Bittman scores an A+ with this one.

Sugar High Friday: Nectarine-Coconut Surprise

23 September 2006

A creamy surprise inside a lovely summer nectarine: coconut panna cotta with a hint of rum and nutmeg.

Deceptively healthy & economic: Spinach Soup

6 June 2006

Spinach, onions, garlic, the dregs of a bottle of wine. Spinach soup, a flexible healthy dinner for one.

Rotini with Endive, Bacon and Thyme

1 June 2006

Another dinner for one with bacon, endive, and the curly pasta in all the different colors. The green is my favorite.

The Art of Leftovers: Linguine, Bacon & Basil

23 May 2006

Not too much, not too little: the art of leftovers. This recipe plays double-duty: it uses up leftover stuff in the fridge, and works great as leftovers the next day at the office.

Cranberry Beans with Red Onion and Sage

8 May 2006

Fresh borlotti beans, fresh sage, fresh thyme, fresh garlic - fresh fresh fresh. It must be spring or something.

Old Bread & New Fish: Salmon Cakes with Dill Breadcrumbs

30 April 2006

I try so hard to keep things from going bad in my fridge, but they still do, unfortunately. So I turn to bread to absolve myself, and use an old loaf for a buttery breadcrumb coating on these salmon cakes. They are delicious, and make me feel better. Which was the point, of course.

The Spice is Right: Cumin & chickpeas for one

14 April 2006

Cumin, a very old spice. They found it in the pyramids, y'know. Weird to think that I like eating something that a pharoah ate. Kind of creepy. But it's awfully good with chickpeas.

Green, green: Leeks and fettucine

10 April 2006

Leeks put in yet another appearance - their second in the life of this young weblog. I do love leeks, especially when they're homegrown and bought at the oh-so-trendy community market.

Sweet Indian finish: Mango lassi panna cotta

31 March 2006

Hopefully this India/US trade deal will go through and we'll get us some really good mangos. When we do, make this soft, tangy, wobbly panna cotta. It's actually good for you.

IMBB 24: Flash in the pan fish

22 March 2006

Colorful, crunchy salad. A toothsome walnut cake. Crispy fish with salty capers. In 30 minutes or less.

Cooking for one: An ode to beets, with a whiff of goat cheese

21 March 2006

Beets and goat cheese: a classic combination. Watch out - your fingers and counters and sink and dishes, they will all be pink.

Sloppy delicious dumplings for one

8 March 2006

What to eat when you come home tired. The easiest boiled dumplings you have ever seen. Leeks put in an appearance.

Pad Kee Mow: Drunkard's Noodles

12 December 2004

Hot and spicy thai noodles - still trying to get the recipe right, though.

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