Theme: Cooking for twenty

SHF: Chocolate Caramel Banana Bites

27 October 2006

A rather complicated dessert for Sugar High Friday 24 - little banana cake squares, layered with spiced caramel pastry cream and glazed with chocolate and burnt caramel. Worth the work!

Retrolicious Rolls

10 September 2006

Jelly, Swiss, and roulade - it's all rolls. Chocolate, strawberry, and peach - enough to feed a crowd.

Nibs & Cream: A Raspberry Cupcake

15 July 2006

Loot from Scharffen Berger inspires a raspberry studded ricotta cupcake with shards of roasted cacao nibs. Chocolicious.

Red & Green: Pasta with Fresh Pesto and Roasted Peppers

13 June 2006

Little wheels of pasta, ridged and delicate, tumbled with homemade pesto and red peppers roasted and simmered in balsamic vinegar. Good for a side or a main - good warm or cold - good at any time, really.

An extravagantly fruity, spicy, creamy cake of a muffin

4 June 2006

A fruity, delicious little muffin with a yellow, creamy center and a finish like key lime pie, inspired by Mahanandi's strawberry muffins and the urge to bake extravagant comfort food after a distracting week.

Gone Silicone: Tart citrus bites

14 May 2006

Little tart citrus bites: grapefruit, lemon, and lime. And a new silicone tart pan. Cuteness all round.

Sunny Day Party: Cookies for a lot of people

10 May 2006

A sugar cookie recipe that makes an enormous amount of darling little cookies. 3 cups of butter!

What's For Pud? Eccles Cakes

23 April 2006

In which St. George's Day is celebrated with the diminutive, flaky piece of pastry awesomeness that is the Eccles cake. And I make puff pastry from scratch, shocking myself in the process.

Easter Brunch: Braised Polish Sausage

17 April 2006

In which I make sausage for Easter, and I learn to like it. Sausage, that is. I already like Easter a lot.

Almonds & oranges: Spanish for 20

6 April 2006

A very un-Lent-like spring meal, with the most spectacular Spanish dish. I rustle up some desserts and tapas to accompany, including the very best thing you can do with a four-dollar bottle of red wine.

Cooking for 20: Beef ragù and browning boldly

19 February 2006

Brown your meat. Brown it boldly...

Birthday Cake 2005

9 January 2005

Birthday cake! I like to make my own.

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